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Santé publique: appel d'offres de l'ESA

2023-04-19 11:02 | Charles Gignac (Administrator)

L’Agence spatiale européenne (ESA) a publié un appel d’offres de participation (AOP) sur le thème de la santé publique. Les institutions canadiennes sont autorisées à répondre à l’AOP. Veuillez noter que les établissements doivent s’inscrire au système « ESA-Star Publication » de l’ASE avant de soumettre une offre. La date de clôture est le 31 mai 2023. 


This procurement is dedicated to developing a health resilience virtual platform and two envisaged EO based services, integrating high volume data access, processing and information dissemination to establish innovative services and applications development, responding to stakeholders and user needs, including NGOs and in the field health related activities. Establishing health related information services for the global community using space assets will be achieved by enhancing and integrating existing monitoring and assessment frameworks in cooperation with international, national, regional and local stakeholders, including NGOs, medical facilitiesand citizens.The underlying IT infrastructure is envisaged as an open, non-monolithic and federated network of platforms, fuelled with European EO assets to be provided under the ESA Network of Resources and Euro Data Cube. This applications element will result in one contract addressing, in particular, in the Health domain the following items (which have been addressed at the ESA workshop in 2020 on EOAI for Health and Urban Resilience and at the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2022 in the three health related sessions, inaddition to five precursor health related ESA projects): waterborne and vector borne infectious diseases also in the context of green and blue urban areas and climate change related activities. This Health Resilience ITT is part of a cluster of ESA FutureEO Resilience activities, being developed in synergy with International, European, National institutional partners, Non Governmental Organizations, as well as industries in the health sector looking at developing cutting edge services for pandemics prepardness and risks mitigation, including predictive innovative tools based on EO data, epidemiological datasets, Essential Climate Variables, socio-economic models and data.


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